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How to study quickly

The study, because it gives satisfactory results, it must be done with care, commitment, and concentration. You will not have to spend days on the books, but to study properly optimizing the most of their time to avoid getting tired and bored in a short time.

There are several systems that can help speed up the study, will be enough to adopt them to be sure to store the best in a short time and the content of any kind of text or notes.

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Acquiring the ability to read fast

To be sure to do just the lyrical content is fundamental to acquire the ability to read quickly. You will need to initially read books whose pages are not too full of words and then gradually, go to pages full of terms and concepts. Only with a continuous and constant training, you will learn how to speed up the reading to the benefit of learning.

Reconnect and reintegrate

One way to remember is to quickly reconnect a concept with its attendant circumstances, for example, recall a topic that the teacher or friend has repeated in a given situation fun or pleasant. Also, reinstate or reconstruct a speech starting with something that makes us return to the mind, it is useful to accelerate the study. In fact, the stimuli that come from reinstatement make resurface and store text read or just heard.

Adopt technical storage

To easily remember names, dates, numbers, and basic concepts you must associate them with mental images in order to activate the visual memory. To achieve this end will be useful summary graphs well summarized. Advisable to establish them with pens of different colors, preferring the red, yellow and green colors can stimulate the brain, speed up storage and then study. A great help is the synthesis of each chapter or section of text, through written summaries or patterns of organization.

Equally useful to speed up the study is the recording of the summaries with the aim of being able to listen in any occasion during the day. This technique not only stores all the information in memory faster but strengthens their retention and reactivation. Listen again to what was recorded, especially during moments of relaxation or while engaging in a sport, speed up the study and the information received remain imprinted with ease.

Use immediate memory

Before you start studying you will have to convince your brain or better ordering of revenue in order to be in a position to remember and display the school supplies to learn. Leveraging its will and determination, setting the objectives to be achieved during the day, or pages to read and which to store

Tactics to apply

Do not forget that memory is not just a set of elements, some of which are lost in time, but a set of configuration elements, bound by rules that determine different levels of organization, from whom their conservation. The higher the order in which you study, the more appropriate will be the re-enactment of what they studied. Therefore, we will have to study in organizational keeping active the mind to set in motion the process of reminiscence. Precisely, for this reason, they will have to adopt some techniques:

  • Study in a calm and quiet possibly, a space free of distractions such as the PC, PlayStation, television, radio and cell phone;
  • Supplies of good dose of will and concentration;
  • Planning of times that you want to devote to the study;
  • Make the first reading of school supplies aloud pausing to understand the topic;
  • Reread underlining and / or highlighting the basic concepts to remember;
  • Pay attention to parts of the text in bold or with different colors;
  • Resorting to the dictionary to understand the meaning of any unfamiliar term and write down near the definition and any synonyms;
  • Read several times, preferably out loud, the most difficult and summarize concisely using terms less complex;
  • The use of frequent repetitions facilitates both storage that the recovery of the information to the advantage of speeding the study.Therefore, it is advisable to repeat every half hour of study, for at least ten minutes the substantive points to be stored;
  • After the study daily and well-deserved rest, once again, more loudly, before bedtime as she studied in the day.


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