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Facts about going to university

For some going to university can be the best years of their lives and for others it can be fraught with anxiety. Once you have found some great Student Accommodation Cheltenham way such as https://www.yourperfectpad.com/ and settled in with your housemates and your lectures have begun you will soon realise how easy it is to slip into university life.

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Here are some fun facts about some of the universities around the United Kingdom.

  • The University of York has an incredible amount of ducks on campus. There are thought to be 28 ducks for every half an acre of land around the university.
  • Superstition surrounds the clock tower of Old Joe on the Birmingham University campus. It is said that if you are stood beneath the clock when it chimes it will bring you bad luck and you will fail your final exams.

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  • Bristol University owes its existence to chocolate. In the 19th Century Wills and Fry gave a generous amount of money to the university so that it could establish a Royal Charter and the university hasn’t looked back since.
  • Durham University is thought to be the United Kingdom’s most haunted university which is no surprise considering its long history and castle campus.


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