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What are the qualities most valued in digital marketing professionals for 2016?

Digital professionals are one of the most demanded profiles today, and everything indicates that during 2016 it will remain.

Companies demand qualified personnel layers of facing new challenges daily, technological innovations and strategies to reach the customer. This implies a constant renewal process and desire to excel, along with other digital and analytical skills that allow being on the crest of the wave. But what are the qualities most valued in digital marketing professionals?

Ability to adapt to changes. In this area, it is constantly necessary to implement new tools, open different paths to reach the customer and face new risks. The pace set by the digital world is frantic, and we must develop a special ability to anticipate trends and be in constant phase of evolution. It is also important to demonstrate autonomy, withstand stress, set priorities and make decisions with agility. A good digital marketer is constantly dares with new proposals, not fear of the unknown and known risk with his head.

What are the qualities most valued in digital marketing professionals for 2016Analytical skills. The Big Data is becoming an increasingly larger world. The data are dumped into huge amounts of information, which is necessary to know how to analyze and process, in order to obtain that information, this basic knowledge to make good decisions. These data are key to the evolution of a strategy, and how to redirect. To do this, marketers must develop its analytical part, in order to identify needs, set clear measurable objectives and quantify the results of each of their shares. Curiosity and concern. This analytical capability also means a great curiosity to find answers to the processes, actions of the target audience. This is not only to know what happened, but asking “why” and to unravel the main patterns and behavior of your target audience.

The gift of creativity. The online marketing professionals must act as an inexhaustible source of ideas. This will help them find different solutions to adopt different postures to rest, disassociating from the path. Their ability to develop and add value to lateral thinking will be one of their most cherished differential characteristics.

It must be “early adopter”. The technology is but a daily working tool. These marketers have to have this natural curiosity about new technological innovations, and enjoy applying them and taking advantage of its benefits. It is also necessary to possess technical knowledge in digital marketing, so as not to shake hands with them when studying the code before them, or implement new tools and features in the market. Not forgetting his soul marketers and vocation for communication.

Insatiable thirst for knowledge. If anything characterizes this profession is the need to be in a continuous learning process. Every day new techniques, tools and solutions emerge. The big players surprise us with changes and resources that should dominate, in order to realize its full potential. What works today, tomorrow is already outdated, therefore it is impossible to relax, or merely maintaining the same strategy.

Entrepreneurship and business acumen. Businesses demand professionals initiative, which really involved in the company and work to generate new projects, solutions and business lines. In the digital world everything is to discover, try, invent and exploit. Those professionals who are able to internalize this way of life will be plowed who really glorious way.



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