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Online video, the new king of engagement through mobile

The increasing penetration of smartphones coupled with their continuous technological improvements allows the use and effectiveness of the video is higher in these devices. The online video on mobile is capable of generating an engagement almost three times the desktop.

Video marketing platform Unruly has analyzed data from 3,000 brands campaigns concluding that, in the last quarter, CTR (Click Through Rate) on mobile devices was 13.64%. A figure that nearly triples the rate of CTR recorded videos on desktop (5.45%).

Filming at a Pop ConcertIt is not surprising, given the growing popularity of videos and the increasing use of mobile devices to watch them anywhere and anytime: 44% of the owners of a smartphone, uses it to watch online videos, and numbers are higher in the case of tablets, 61% (Frank N. Magid Associates).

Interaction, albeit with a less conspicuous margin is also higher in mobile, which has doubled its figures last year to 22.64%. While in desktop, interaction with videos stands at 15.08%.

We must not lose sight, however, the rapid growth recorded video on desktop computers in recent months. Although the distances with the mobile still are considerable, we talked about that last year the desktop has increased by 150% and 170% CTR interaction with video ads.

Among the brands tested by Unruly, Samsung is the best results obtained in terms of share in mobile video (52%), perhaps because the past year has generated more audiovisual content unlike other brands like Nokia (17%) or Apple (9.4%). In fact holds the title to the video ad share in smartphones, its “Unleash your fingers”, created in 2011 to promote the Galaxy SII, which is on track to nine million views.

The video is one of the most popular content on the Internet and has already established itself as important element in any communication strategy and online marketing companies. Every month average spend about 20 hours to watch video across different platforms and devices.Companies do not overlook it, nor its brutal audience of nearly 1.3 billion people worldwide.

So with social networking, online video is one of the budget items that brands are expected to increase in the coming months. Not only for the vaunted viral extent they have, for making dose of talent, creativity lack and some luck, but because they increase the time spent on the page, they are content to generate confidence in the audience and even, according Getty Images, improve the predisposition to increase brand and purchase intent.


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