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I want a good Community Manager! Keys to recognize

Managing groups of people is as old as mankind. Many professionals in this profession seeking a way out short term and many brands still believe that hiring a Community Manager does not have much relevance.

We can not forget that the Community Manager “supports” the double burden of the mark (internal customers) and consumers (external customers) and its main objective is to achieve the harmonious growth of both.

If we were to start by giving some advice to professionals who are attracted to this new area derived from Social Media, would identify what they are passionate about, it is impossible to be a good Community Manager if you feel passion for what you do.

Is seems easy right? … But nothing is easy on the network, the demands are increasing and consumers are looking for the “personalization” as the core of its link with brands definitely not be a good Community Manager is not easy … nor is identified.

I want a good Community Manager! Keys to recognizeThe Community Manager should know the reason for the existence of the brand.

Good Community Manager thrill for all the information on the mission, vision, nature, ultimately the essence of the brand.

Companies for their part must move forward in the process of accepting the new reality where delegate has become essential pair build a social brand.

Products and services

The identification of the added value of the brand is only possible to know thoroughly the products and / or services that are marketed specifically regarding the strengths why they can stand out from competition and also, weaknesses and actions to minimize them.

Market Knowing the target segment the target expectations are identified.

Metrics into action, a good Community Manager is aware of the efficient reading of data on the target company. Parametrize know to get results and properly manages its strategies and social content through the data.

Online, offline – real, virtual

Good Community manager is not a science fiction character, quite the contrary, we speak of a professional who has implicit the quality of experience, become regular customer of brand products it represents, test them, test them, identify weaknesses and act accordingly. The Community Manager does not live only on Facebook and Twitter.

About us?

Another key to identify a good manager is Community interest in the company, have a clear line of conversation followed in the social profiles and if relations are serious or institutional.

Ability to simplify processes

A Community influential Manager never have to say “sorry I do not know” to a basic query of a potential customer. The FAQs are based on the opinions of users. No Community Manager good disavow the value of a current area 100% FAQs and dynamic.

Crisis management

Similarly, the most common problems that can be found the mark on its growth path must be taken into account in the prevention plan every good Community manager should include in their strategies to minimize the impact of a crisis.

Knowledge of competition, if you do not know your environment you will not be able to lead your people

It’s that simple, a good Community Manager will know at all times what the competition does, what their strength and where has a weakness. This is part of their strategies and is one of the qualities that exercises leadership opinion. Knowledge of competition ever, is left to chance.

The company meet the Community Manager is the “visible” face of the brand

Knowing the organization with which it is linked brings a level of essential information to guide their communities.

Social networks are only an edge of the business. We are at a moment when the consumer takes over and says what, how and with whom, only a professional can be linked, this UK- transformed immediately into a “brand ambassador” – will be equipped with the necessary qualities to contribute in the growth of the brand.

It is evident that at the present time and with real-time access that exists all kinds of information, data exposure is more than a reality.

Any Community Manager, regardless of their knowledge, is now a professional with own influence on the network, brands can analyze their qualities through the analysis of their social exposure.

In short, a good Community Manager will always consider each and every one of these aspects, and … analysis of your profile can draw their leadership skills, their capacity for social interaction and empathy … requirements also essential to be a good Community Manager.


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