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Finding the right web designer

Before you contact a Cardiff web designer, it makes sense to approach your project strategically.

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Firstly, be clear about your project objectives. A good starting point is to do some competitor analysis and pick examples of websites you like. This will give the designer a sense of your intended aesthetic and whether you are predominantly interested in function, design or workflow. Knowing this yourself will also help when selecting the right digital agency and will tell the agency about your tastes, direction and focus areas.

Know your desired aesthetic

Know whether you want a site that is very trendy and visual or whether your customers want something more traditional. It also helps to have a clear idea about how often you intend to update the content, as maintenance is a key area for design from an SEO and navigation perspective.

See evidence of other projects

You will want to see a portfolio of work from designers of interest to help you to assess whether their particular experience and skill set works for you. Another good approach is to ask for recommendations or referrals from contacts who have great online assets. You want to know how good the designer is in terms of producing to the brief and also how well they communicate and manage a project, which will tell you how easy they will be to work with.

Get recommendations and feedback

It can also help to speak to previous clients to find out what their experiences were and whether the expectation lived up to the reality. Remember that you need to have confidence in the actual delivery of a project beyond the sales pitch. To find out more, contact a professional web design company such as ambercouch.co.uk.

Check the essentials

Finally, check that the designer you are interested in has key experience in the platform you are planning to build your site in, and with CMS systems if appropriate. Typical platforms include Hubspot, WordPress, Umbraco and Ruby on Rails. If you need a CMS system and have not yet chosen one, a good digital partner will be able to make a recommendation that matches your needs. Make sure your chosen designer or design agency also has a strong project management approach ‒ Agile and Waterfall are common ‒ and great skills in communication.


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