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Community professionals or illusionists manager

This is one of those times when learning to be asked, what is the cause and what is effect?

Community Manager profession was seen originally as totally innovative and with a tinge of “excessive ease of access and success” which led to serious obstacles that makes knew not afford and that ended with his online reputation.

We are human, we learned from our mistakes, and Community Manager Profession began to be unambiguous example of new opinion leader. We all wanted to be Community Manager and wondered over and over again Who can be Community Manager? Are managers really experts in specific areas that- community besides- have the necessary social skills to generate the long – awaited “engagement”? or are they merely selling illusionists communities with many fans and followers in which a service is efficient customer shows that advances harmonious and smooth horizontal growth?

It would be highly advisable to say that a Community Manager is the balance between the two. We must not forget that if something has this new corporate culture based on individual, specialized venture and partnership, is the requirement, which is based on a constant process of learning, specialization and improvement. Combine creativity with planning, we know that is key to avoiding crises in social networks.

Community professionals or illusionists managerNobody is Community Manager for 15 years

Training in marketing and statistics, as well as a specialization in the market or industry brand that works are essential but skills to communicate, empathy, honesty and passion, are as necessary as the previous ones in search of reputation and derived growth that delivers the proper management of a community.

Obviously we are talking about professionals with short life cycle, which means greater job definition built as we go into the cycle of the new social enterprise.

Choosing a good Community Manager is now within reach of a click, we walk by the full and free access to information. With only 3 steps we can know the social profiles of any user on the network.

Measure the influence of a Community Manager presents no difficulty, the key is to know the market today needs people (professionals) with capacity to bond with the passion and work with reason, make brand building their lifestyle and permanently apply the values and ethics as brand philosophy.

The influences are built in the long run, no one is Community manager for 15 years and the profession has experienced rapid growth with the arrival of the “emotions” to the business world. Community Manager and a professional illusionist, taken from the meaning linked to the “selling illusions” synonymous with emotion, is a great treasure.

“We seek a professional Community Manager and illusionist”

If our brand is looking for a Community Manager, we start trusting our judgment, choose a professional network influence, its trajectory, the record of his actions and their small achievements. remunerate properly is the basis of motivation and passion and undoubtedly generate enough confidence to start evangelization and loyalty to the brand.

No, the job of Community Manager is not intended for everyone, beyond the acquired knowledge is necessary to speak the social language that is imposed today in the business environment.

Codes, messages, rules are widely known and underlie every interaction, a Community Manager interacts on behalf of the brand in the real world (where you get the feed-back) and the virtual, where it interacts and remains alert to crises.

But we must also rely on their professionalism and know how to delegate without obstacles, let them work, innovate, manage the figure of Community Manager is now indispensable for achieving the “consumer experience”. A reality that even today, for many brands, is an illusion!

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