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Are we witnessing a new golden era for digital agencies?

Digital agencies are rubbing their hands at the time of prosperity that lies ahead. Econsultancy’s latest report indicates that only 13% of these companies expect to maintain or slightly lowered its volume of income, while 1 in 4 expected to increase at least 20%. 24% of them even showed a more optimistic outlook, with plans to improve its bottom line by at least 50%.

Brands are betting on digital media. 75% of marketing departments plans to increase its investment by 71% in the UK. To take advantage of this tailwind, digital agencies will strive to develop strategies that will help boost its turnover. The Econsultancy report indicates that the main way to generate business opportunities are the recommendations and references (86%). By far, the most effective way to gain the trust of new customers.

Are we witnessing a new golden era for digital agenciesMoreover, networking has also proven to be a source of interested contacts. Either as a result of interventions in personal networking events (34%) and through professional relationships generated through internet (26%).

Also, 25% of these companies also plans to design a content marketing strategy, improve your search engine optimization (26%) or create your own events (19%). These are activities that take precedence over traditional stocks such as e-mail marketing (18%), hiring paid advertising (12%) or telemarketing (11%). It is not surprising in this case that none of the respondents contemplated the possibility of investing in print advertising (0%).

These are good times for digital marketing, and businesses are prepared to position itself on the crest of the wave. In September, the Online Advertisers Survey Report, prepared by Econsutancy and Rubicon Project, analyzed trends in digital advertising, highlighting the leading role of digital media in 2014. Among its key findings include the following:

Mobile advertising will be very present in the online marketing strategy

65% of respondents will increase their budget on mobile ads this year. The number of searches made through mobile and has been equated to the demand registered with the pc. It is expected that by 2014 the use of mobile devices exceeds the computer.

Display advertising is positioned as a must for advertisers

64% of companies plan to invest more resources in display advertising. However, the network will support Google where fewer advertisers plans to act (52%).

The search results are still very relevant

62% of digital advertising professionals rely on the effectiveness of paid ads in search results. MarketLive recently indicated that PPC results have a conversion rate up to 35% greater than the organic search, in the case of online shops.

The online video advertising continues its development

61% of respondents allocate more resources to video ads. According to eMarketer, this is a format in full swing, which especially grow this year and 2014, with growth of over 42%.



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