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6 out of 10 emails are already open on a smartphone

61% of marketing emails opened on a mobile device. A figure that puts these smart devices over the traditional computer, as shown in the report Movable.

According to the “US Consumer Device Preference”, the iPhone is positioned as the mobile device from which the highest rate of openings is recorded, to be exact, 78.7%; while the remaining fifth corresponds to the terminals under Android. On the other hand, if we consider the various types of devices, including computers and tablets, the iPhone accounts for 36% of total starts. This time, Android accounts for 9.3%.

6 out of 10 emails are already open on a smartphoneThe study does not indicate the CTR Movable these openings. One thing that does provide us YesMail Interactive, in a job where analyzes more than 5 billion e-mails, to conclude that half of them were opened on the mobile phone, although the rate of clicks they received was only 11%, less than half of those recorded via computer (23%).

Instead, this same study indicates that mobile users report higher profits than those from the pc, specifically twice as profitable (USD 7.14 vs. USD 3.26). How could it be otherwise, the iPhone is the device that has the biggest number of transactions. Sales derived from a smartphone, 59% run with terminals with the Apple label.

Therefore, the smartphone is a sales tool online, which allows to offer a personalized message directly to the customer’s hands. A fact that demonstrates the need to improve their current rate of clicks. The low CTR that mobile devices are capable of generating may be because marketers do not provide through their campaigns e-mail marketing a solution tailored to these devices experience.

As indicated by Michael Fisher, president of Yesmail, the brand also have to design strategies designed for these smart devices. To do this they have to use Responsive design, and add calls to action that allow easily interact with the message. Thus, they prevent all these campaigns effort to end up in the trash.


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