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5 marketing strategies that a B2B company should rethink

Although there are plenty of business models business oriented multitude of different markets, currently the truth is that to companies commercialization products and services between businesses (B2B), a number of marketing strategies that are not delivering the expected results in terms of ROI, and therefore should be at least revised, in order to achieve better effectiveness rates.

We live in times in which the marketing budget has been adjusted to a minimum but where the annual objectives continue to grow, even above double digits. Many companies are burdened in traditional activities over the allowed time to grow into new markets and develop the business in its current customers. Others however, have succumbed to the promises of the new marketing in order to differentiate themselves and get faster and more direct way to your potential market.

With this situation and for companies of average size, the ideal is to set up a marketing plan where 70% of the shares are intended for the generation of demand (both existing customers and new account) and 30% is allocated to we call branding or brand image, essential to underpin future growth. I exclude the great leaders of the sector and large multinationals with an image more or less established brand, a base of more or less fidelizada customers and marketing budgets with marguen to experiment.

B2B textLet’s review then, those strategies which in my opinion should be reconsidered, not eliminated, marketing plan a B2B medium – sized company.

Attendance at trade fairs and event sponsorship. This is a type of action; usually expensive, rarely offset in relation to the amount of qualified leads are reached. If some time ago was an activity “Core” marketing, right now even in terms of image, it can be more than questionable. If someone has been in the last edition of SIMO you know what I mean. Yet, surprisingly it is one of the main activities to a high of companies%. If what is intended is to generate a large number of leads in a short time, there are other more effective and economic activities.

Social networks. Fever social, is making many organizations invest time and money on social networks in business terms, and even image, are debatable. Moreover, we tend to think that all our customers are eager to see our latest update on LinkedIn or retweet our latest infographic, when a very high % is not. I believe in the importance of professional networks or those with a clear orientation towards business (remember we talked for B2B companies) but in case of lack of time and resources, managing no more than 3 networks can be more than enough.

Email marketing. The Emailing is perhaps one of the current marketing techniques in which organizations invest an important part of the battered budget and is therefore one of the actions that should be constantly evaluated in order to achieve increased ratios by opening and response rates. The relatively low cost of this action ( other than the Premium, databases and creative tools) and their indiscriminate use, is making use reverse sometimes in a loss of image, even to be a direct cause of the loss of customers. overly commercial content looking for the long – awaited cross / up selling, lapoca personalization based on preferences and the absence of lead nurturing processes based on rigorous analysis of the buying cycle, are its main drawbacks.

Content generation. At this point, I will not discuss the benefits of a good strategy content generation, I strongly believe in the Inbound marketing and for me, this is their mainstay, both in terms of image as in generating qualified leads. In this section, I think the problem is usually quality and time spent rather than cost for this activity. And we have made in our Marketing Managers journalists, creative and technical. That is, we have allocated the area of content production to the person who should be in the work of planning and analysis.

Communication with media. The generation and dissemination of corporate communication media, is a classic activity that many companies are doing in order to increase brand awareness among its objectives. A markets despite its benefits the fact is that the ecosystem media has been reduced considerably, evolving scandals to, supports and formats. Investment in this activity should be reconsidered not necessarily lower, it is possible that greater integration with content marketing and search of new independent media such as blogs specialized with top – level influencers, requires even increase.

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