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What is a Disciplinary in the Workplace?

In today’s society many companies have policies that include things like no tolerance for bad behaviour or sexual harassment and rightly so but some people wonder what exactly is a disciplinary in the workplace and when would an employee be subject to one. Can you be disciplined for something you didn’t do? Is it really up to you to see to it that your co-workers are doing well and working properly? When should you step in and what should you do if you’ve been unfairly treated?

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There are different types of situations that can lead to a need for a disciplinary in the workplace, one of the most common is a simple complaint from an employee about another employee’s behaviour. If the other employee doesn’t show appropriate behaviour according to the code of conduct or the company’s rules of conduct such as this; a demotion or even a termination may be warranted. If you need any advice regarding Constructive Dismissal Claim, seek Help with a constructive dismissal claim at Employment Law Friend.

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Another situation that can lead to a need for a disciplinary in the workplace would be if an employee is constantly calling in sick or breaks any part of their contract. Of course, all such allegations must be proven by management without any doubt. If this happens a disciplinary process would be necessary to make sure that the issue is resolved properly.



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