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The Positive Effects of Colour in the Office

The way that people work in the office can be hugely affected by their environment. Creating a good environment for office staff is really important, as it can boost the mood as well as the productivity in the workplace – and who doesn’t want a happy and productive work environment?

There are a wide range of ways that you can improve the office – you can add more lighting to a dark office, you can upgrade office furniture with better quality, comfortable furniture such as the reception chairs from Bestbuy-officechairs and you can add plenty of plants to the office. But one really great way to significantly improve the mood in the office is with the use of colour.

Here are a few colours that you can use in different work environments that will help to make a positive change to the mood in the workplace…

Red – This vibrant and high energy colour is best used in ana environment where high physical and mental exertion is required.

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Blue – The cool and calm colour of the logical mind, this colour is best in an office that requires this sort of thinking.

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Green – This is a relaxing colour and is the colour of nature and harmony – green in a great colour for putting people at ease.

Yellow – This joyful colour of the sunshine is a great way to lift spirits and get people to feel happy and welcome in their environment.


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