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The Marketing Success Story of McDonalds

One of the most successful global businesses in the world at the moment are McDonalds. The fast-food restaurant with the famous golden arches is one of the brands that is known and loved all over the world – and a lot of the success of McDonalds comes down tot their fantastic marketing campaigns.

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Many companies seeking to build a business that is successful as McDonalds understand the importance of marketing and will often use a professional brand design agency such as this https://www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/specialist-services/brand-strategy-agency/ to help them with this.


When it comes to McDonalds, here are some of the ways that they got it right and went on to take over the world…


Consistency – Because of the consistent branding, you can go anywhere and know the McDonalds logo, and then you will know what you are going to be getting. People trust a brand, and this is important when building a global business.

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Reaction to Changes – In recent years, there has been a lot more interest and demand for healthy eating and health and wellbeing in general. McDonalds reacted well to this by providing detailed nutritional information for their menus, showing the sources of their food and introducing healthier options such as fruit bags.


Knowing their Customers – McDonalds advertisements show that they are aware of their customers and their needs, and they also add regional variations depending on where you are in the world to suit the tastes of that particular place.


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