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Should you shred financial documents

There are many personal and business documents that need to be stored and disposed of carefully. Confidential data should be stored with GDPR regulations in mind and destroyed by using a Confidential shredding Cardiff company like www.printwaste.co.uk/confidential-shredding/confidential-shredding-cardiff to ensure that the data is handled correctly. In some circumstances businesses and individuals may use and store sensitive information such as those that relate to a persons or companies finances, educational background or medical history.

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Businesses that operate in the financial sector have a duty of care to protect their customers information and keep their confidential data safe. This will include making sure that any financial documents are shredded and that any digital data is also stored and destroyed in a safe manner.

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Financial documents can fall into the wrong hands and this can then lead to identity theft, fraud and even blackmail and it is for these reasons that processes are put in place to prevent the risk of information being stolen or lost. This will mean ensuring that only the relevant people have access to the documents needed in order to fulfil their jobs. This data needs to be stored safely and effectively on systems that have password protection and internet and other relevant security. When customers leave the financial institution their data needs to be destroyed safely, in any appropriate timescales that are set by the financial sector.


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