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Reasons Why You Should Use Copper Pipe Connectors

When looking to replace your plumbing, you are likely to be considering the use of copper pipe connectors. There are many reasons you should use Copper Pipe Connectors which I will highlight below. If after reading this, you decide to use them, I highly recommend, Watkins and Powis Copper Pipe Connectors.

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The top reason is that copper pipe connectors are highly durable. Copper can handle high water pressure and its lifespan is around 50-70 years long. This will depend however on the climate, the quality of the water and patterns of operation, but it can last a lifetime for all sizes of families.

Another reason you should consider using copper pipe connectors is that they can withstand cold and hot temperatures. They are less likely than connectors made from other materials to freeze during cold weather. Moreover, copper pipe connectors are less likely to corrode due to the water pressure.

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Lastly, an important reason to highlight is that copper pipe connectors have a low risk of water contamination unlike other materials such as lead, iron, and galvanized steel. Copper doesn’t release dangerous chemicals or materials due to chemical reactions into the water.

As caring for the environment is becoming more of a priority to our society, it is also recommended to consider copper connectors as eco-friendly alternatives to plastic PVC pipes. Copper connectors are recyclable and can also be used outside making them an ideal option for plumbing replacements. If you use the Watkins and Powis Copper Pipe Connectors you are guaranteed to have high quality plumbing that won’t let you down.


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