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Keeping Safe and Warm This Winter

The mercury is falling, the nights are growing dark and our main concern is keeping our homes and families cosy and warm. Most us worry about the cost of energy during the winter months, and there are some simple guidelines to help reduce the cost of heating your property. It is also critically important to ensure that your heating equipment is in safe working order and any problems are dealt with by boiler repair in Brighton.

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Keep Warm Keep Well

The government has published a guide, “Keep Warm Keep Well”, which outlines the ways in which even those on limited budgets can stay safe and comfortable. Among the excellent snippets of advice, the following are especially helpful:

– Eat healthily and well, enjoying warming soups and stews with plenty of vitamin-rich vegetables. This will give you internal insulation and deliver immunity from colds and other winter illnesses. Also make sure your larder is well stocked with bottled, canned and frozen food so that you can withstand the worst days without leaving home.

– Keep active and take as much exercise as is safely possible. Even just pottering around the house will boost circulation, helping to keep you warm.

– Dress appropriately, with plenty of layers and knitwear.

– Check your eligibility for government help with fuel costs. Pensioners and those on low incomes may be entitled to payments to help ensure they can afford heating on the coldest days.

– Make sure your home has adequate insulation to retain heat and save money.

– Have your boiler inspected for safety and efficiency.

Boiler Maintenance and Repair

It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of having your boiler and other heating equipment regularly checked by a reputable professional. As well as limiting the chances of being without heat and hot water during exceptionally cold spells, boiler maintenance gives certainty that your heating system is operating on as efficient and as cost-effective a basis as possible. It also helps to protect your family from the serious dangers presented by damaged or malfunctioning equipment. Glow Zone, Sussex’s foremost provider of boiler and plumbing services, can offer you this peace of mind. If anything goes wrong during the winter, they deliver quick and efficient boiler repair in Brighton.

Enjoy the beauty of the snowy season from the comfort and warmth of a properly heated home.


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