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Insight to Action: Five Essential Loyalty Tips

In the digital age, more people are expecting ways to integrate mobile use into their consumer experience, and this translates to a demand for loyalty apps.

Even in 2014, technology commentators predicted the rise and rise of the use of apps, and they continue to become a part of people’s everyday lives rather than a one-off.

Insight to Action

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Here’s how these apps can work with existing data and customer profiles to improve the relationship with your customers.

Anticipate Future Transactions

If your customers can shop through your app, you are well positioned to anticipate how they may shop in future. Whether you use this for targeted marketing or tailored offers for a type of customer, showing them that their needs are always being thought of goes a long way to ensuring brand loyalty.

Innovative Marketing

Mobile advertising and increasingly sophisticated operating systems have changed the landscape of visual marketing beyond recognition. Going beyond offering a card that is hidden in a wallet, an app can deliver up-to-date offers to a customer using push notifications. By being ‘kept in the loop’, your customer is more likely to use your business as a first port of call for deals.

Reward Schemes

A strong reward scheme is vital to get repeat customers, who know that by using your products or services they are building up points (for example) to be redeemed at a later date. By using mobile solutions such as business loyalty apps through mynt-apps, customers can keep track of their rewards and see the total rise as they continue their relationship with you, the service provider or retailer. Seeing a tangible reward to work towards only bolsters their motivation for loyalty.

Feedback Mining

Beyond tracking user behaviour, offering a way for users to access support allows for a more integrative feedback-mining system. If your customer can tell you what you’re doing right or wrong directly and you act on this, they know they can rely on you as a business to listen and respond to criticism.

Social Integration

Everybody loves a good recommendation, and integrating an app with social media platforms harnesses one of the most powerful marketing tools out there – word of mouth. Showing customers that you are both active on and interested in social media adds an extra layer of accessibility that naturally breeds loyalty.


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