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How to Protect Your Business from the Effects of Crime

Having your business burgled can be a difficult time, often leading to the loss of revenue. It can even cause a business to cease trading completely. With crime having such a significant impact on businesses, it’s vital that you protect your commercial property sufficiently. It’s also beneficial to have an action plan, including important contacts such as a company dealing with emergency glazing in Leicester, so that everyone knows what to do in an emergency.


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Protect Your Property

Even though the number of businesses that fell victim to crime dropped last year, it’s still important to ensure your business is properly protected.

The master keys should only be given to employees that you can trust, and if any are lost the locks should be changed immediately. If you have a high-security business you should consider using combination locks as an additional measure. These can be changed regularly – especially if an employee leaves.

CCTV systems can be a deterrent for criminals, but you need to check that they are working properly and recording at all times. Any footage should be kept for at least a month.

A monitored alarm that is linked to a response service is the most effective. External security lighting is also a good deterrent as long as it is properly maintained. When the premises are left empty, don’t leave any cash or valuables there and always report suspicious activity.

What to Do in an Emergency

According to figures from the US, the incidence of crime could be a deciding factor in around 30% of businesses that fail. This shows how important it is that a business can begin trading again quickly. It’s a good plan to have emergency contact details, such as those for Norman and Underwood emergency glazing Leicester.

If you’re the first person on the site after a break-in, call the police and don’t touch anything until the police say you can, as this could be valuable evidence. Make a list of all the items that have been stolen or damaged, and report any stolen cards or cheque books to your bank. Before you leave, you need to ensure that the premises are secure.

If your property is protected effectively and you know what to do in an emergency situation, the impact of crime will be lessened.


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