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How to Keep Your Business Data Secure

Data security has been a big issue in the news over the last few years and now, more people than ever are concerned about the safety of their data stored online. As a business, you’ll want to protect your data from potential hackers and malware to prevent the huge inconvenience these can cause.

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  1. Have a written policy and thought out strategy to protect your business data. This will not only ensure that, if there is a cyber security breach, you will know exactly what to do, but also your employees, clients and customers will be confident in knowing that you take the security of their data seriously.
  2. Apply the firewall on your PC to prevent malware and download good quality security software. Use anti-spam software to keep your emails clean.
  3. Use strong encryption to keep your wireless network as secure as possible and make it invisible so no one, including hackers, can see it.

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  1. Use a password manager to store, generate and manage your passwords. This can be a really effective way of protecting your data.  Passwords should be complex and at least 8 characters long, containing a mixture of characters, numbers and combination of upper and lower case letters. The only downfall of complicated passwords is that they are hard to remember, which is why password managing software can be really helpful.
  2. Get Cyber Liability Insurance so that in case there is a security breach, your business will be insured. Get in touch with JMP for insurance.

Hopefully after reading this, you feel more confident that you know what to do to protect your business data and prevent hackers or malware.


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