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How does a fuel card work for an employee?

A fuel card is not like a credit card, the main differences between a fuel card and a credit card are that you do not get charged interest on your purchases. Also, you can only use the amount of fuel that is on your card. If you have a very high level of fuel consumption that you are trying to keep under control then you may only be able to use a certain percentage of your card on your purchases. How does a fuel card work for an employee? In many cases it is actually a lot easier than what most people think.

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The way a fuel card works is that you can choose which fuel company that you want to purchase your fuel from. After you select one, you get a special type of card that will allow you to use that particular company to purchase fuel. So, in turn, when you go to get fuel from that company you can pay with the card from that company instead of cash or check. It is really convenient and you will not have to worry about losing or misplacing your card. Find out more about Fuel Cards by visiting Fuel Card Services

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When a person gets a fuel card, it allows them to be able to save money on fuel costs. This will not only save them money but it will also save them from paying exorbitant fuel costs in the long run. It is a great way to keep your employees happy.


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