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Couriers can deliver all sorts of parcels

While you would need to go through a simple checklist to guarantee that the operation runs smoothly and without any obstacles or headaches, most things can be transported, especially if you use a Same Day Courier Bracknell company such as UKTDL

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In the first place, size really matters. Of course, it’s a really good first move if the object can be parcelled up. If it can’t as it’s too voluminous or too big, then you’ll need to consider issues such as where it goes, how much money you have for shipping, when it needs to arrive and its total size. Knowing all of the above will encourage you to make the correct decision.

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Specialist couriers have a niche position in the industry, and there are plenty of them, since they exist to deliver items that others would not touch. For instance, it may not be acceptable to transport an expensive bottle of champagne via normal routes, but specialist couriers can and will, at a cost and will ensure that your gift arrives intact. However, make sure that you review the terms and conditions and the small print for anything relevant to packaging, a word of caution, as a lack of proper packaging can lead to breakages that may not be refundable. The same applies to costly objects such as antiques, because if lost or stolen, insurance can not cover them.


By regulation, all carriers are forced to follow existing protocols as to what they can and can not transport on behalf of their customers. Things that can not be treated or transported, for instance, include hazardous or dangerous chemicals, arms, cash, and live products such as puppies.


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