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Brand, people and information

Brands have an extraordinary challenge in fact remain important to consumers. A historical effects of our societies and technologies that have led to our progress, what is happening today has no precedent: billions of people connected by sharing information, fun, emotions or new movements which, naturally, have succeeded in changing the poles of interest and attention on companies and their standards.

But beyond the affinity that each of us have for some over others, which is quite clear it is that, as people, have changed the way we relate to them.

Brand, people and informationOne of the most significant differences this huge change is that people dominate the communication process and therefore we mark the progress of the relationship with brands. Our experience with these can occur at any time and from any channel, not necessarily through them and most likely influenced by the opinion and references obtained from our network. You can now even we are something more intelligent to have access to much more information, free, useful, ordered or proven by more people, more democratically.

This new relationship between consumers and brands imposes on businesses, major changes; brands that sell products or services covering aspects often merely functional, companies seeking to understand and anticipate more comprehensive solutions to the needs that we have as people. Hear what those needs are and establish a more transparent conversation, resulting in the overall best designed products and services (price, coverage, care, etc) will benefit all development. Build that trust requires generate that conversation first and before this, we know that brand and what values we want to build it; in this regard, we fully necessarily a time that will require much greater transparency.

Brands and at the organizational level, we live in an internal revolution to restructure our processes and methodologies on the way to new models of work and relationship they have, as a priority, understand and respond to our customers (organizations focused on the consumer) . In this transformation, the marketing department has the great challenge of being a force for change.

The main conversation engine is in service, ie, the user experience, your interaction with us in the broadest sense. Again, the information takes vital importance, this time in the appropriate treatment and obtaining relevant data from among the thousands we are today capable of generating companies, to improve the user experience. Intelligence companies, and somehow their value will reside in their greater or lesser ability to take advantage of this information in a consistent pattern of improvement and innovation with application to its customers.

Furthermore, and not least a big challenge to get all that intelligence can be applied, we could say interpreted in different units or departments of a well orchestrated manner so that the consumer always receives a unique voice without dissonance. In this regard, the Departments of Marketing have been given the opportunity to play a key role in this transformation process: identifying “emerging moments consumer value”, simplify and make useful, readable and applied throughout the organization, the answer you give.



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