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A Brief Guide to Fire Safety Training

Being prepared for fire in your workplace premises isn’t just about having right equipment. As well as purchasing the correct fire extinguishers, contacting Bristol Automist installers and doing a fire risk assessment, you’ll also need to ensure you have enough staff trained in fire safety.


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How Many?

The first thing to calculate is how many staff members need to be trained. This will be calculated in your initial risk assessment. One is rarely enough, and the total will be based on not only the total number of staff but the number of floors in the building and the level of risk as well. An office, for instance, poses a fairly low risk of fire, whilst an industrial plant is a lot higher. Each floor in a large building will need two members of staff trained in fire safety; this is to ensure one is always present in case of absences. It’s also best to get your full-time staff rather than part-time staff trained up, as they are in the building for more hours. Guidance on numbers can be found on the Health and Safety Executive website.

Where to Go?

There is no upper limit to how many staff can be trained as Fire Marshals or Fire Wardens, and if you have a large workforce and need to send a number on a course, it could be more cost-effective to hold a course on your own premises and train up to 12 at a time with a trainer coming to you.

It’s important to remember that you can also make use of other fire safety solutions, such as those offered by Mainpoint, to keep your staff safe. A small investment can make a business premises much safer for all the people who work there.

What’s on the Course?

A Fire Marshal, Fire Safety or Fire Warden course will be fairly short, typically lasting just one morning or afternoon. Attendees will learn about their role as a warden or marshal and about drill procedures, risk assessment and fire equipment audits. Plenty more advice about fire safety can always be found on your local Fire Service website.

Fire safety training is a very important for every company, big or small. Make sure you’re covered by getting enough staff trained by the best training providers around.


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