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The mobile is causing major changes in consumer habits and the eCommerce models

Zanox discloses findings on mobile consumer behavior in 11 international territories, with information from around 4,300 advertisers, retail industries, travel, telco and finance understanding. The analysis includes data growth mobile, share by devices, average order value of the principal markets in which zanox operates: Benelux, Eastern Europe, France, Germany and Austria, Italy, the Nordic countries, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA and Brazil.

The mobile evolution has been the passion of market experts for years, and no wonder. Continuous changes in devices, software, and consumer behavior have led to changes in traditional eCommerce models.

The mobile is causing major changes in consumer habits and the eCommerce modelsBut what is the zanox Mobile Performance Barometer?

The traditional Mobile Performance Barometer zanox shows a detailed view from data pulled from its platform and transactions of about 4,300 advertisers in 11 countries, demonstrating the growing power of mobile commerce,

“2015 closed with the record of 2,808,070 transactions during Christmas. This followed the Black Friday phenomenon where our platform for the first time broke the record of 1 million Euros in commissions generated in a single day.” said Maria Garcia, Head of Sales Operations at zanox

The rate of growth of mobile transactions is nearly 140%, demonstrating that the m-commerce is not losing steam. In contrast, markets with high mobile penetration rates continue to show a remarkable growth. The analysis of zanox also reveals that spending on computers and on mobile devices has increased by 9% in 2015 compared to the previous year, which shows that users are more comfortable when buying expensive products on these devices.

In addition, the Retail industry increased sales and mobile transactions during Black Friday and Christmas 2015. Travel on the other hand, recorded higher average purchase values.

Sales growth by country

Sales through mobile devices continues to grow rapidly. The accelerated growth rates show that the mobile market is not yet mature phase, but shown in constant development. While the tablets were the leaders of sales in previous years, today with new screen sizes, more comfortable, better touch and optimization of online shopping, smartphones are catching up.

Stores carrying in his pockets, retailers have new opportunities to get customers in a specific period of time, place and situation to meet your specific needs. The challenge today is the retailers meet these needs and respond instantly and individually, to unleash the potential of mobile devices.

While Switzerland is the last positions of the tail of mobile transactions, the UK and the Nordic countries are leading that list. “It is also interesting to note, how they reflect differences between countries according to the graphs of seasonality markets with more moderate temperatures are more stable line performance throughout the year, while in the warmer countries there are more peaks according to the season in which we find ourselves, “adds Maria Garcia, Head of Sales Operations at zanox.

26% of sales were generated in the last year from mobile devices, of which 10% was from tablets and 16% from smartphones. Since July 2015, smartphones gained 2% compared to the devices table. Looking at the local performances in each of the markets, the differences are clear. As in previous years, leading UK mobile purchases with 41% of purchases generated from mobile devices. Followed by the Nordic countries with 37%.In the center of the upper field of mobile sales quotas, USA, Spain, Brazil and Italy show strong performances in smartphone compared to the low use of the tablets. Data Benelux and France show a higher number of desktop devices for online purchases.

The study also differs by OS: iOS (Apple) lost a share of 15% in mobile transactions made through their tablets, but is, in turn, more revenue OS.

“For zanox, purchases made through mobile devices represent a significant 26% of total sales registered. So that we can all benefit from this revolution mobile, it is crucial that sites are optimized for mobile devices and offer the best experience purchase.” Leïla concludes Salamat, Managing Director at zanox.

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