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The customer is still not a priority for companies and brands

Companies still take too long to respond, especially if customers try to contact them in the afternoon, or after hours. The data show that the customer is still not a priority for brands.

The recent report published by Zendesk indicates that the phone is positioned as the most effective means of contact when contact marks and get a response (91%). Next in the ranking of satisfaction in terms of service channel preferred by customers chat (85%) and online support center via web (83%). Meanwhile, 82% opted for the mail, while social networks below, especially Twitter (81%).

The customer is still not a priority for companies and brandsThis report does not include the perception of customers in obtaining an integrated through various means of contact experience. According to recently reported Loudhouse, 37% of customers that the company would follow up on your problem, regardless of the chosen channel to contact. Although today, it is almost impossible even between a telephone operator and another.

The response time is crucial to improve the level of customer satisfaction aspect. Zendesk data show too slowly; It is extending a period depending on the time at which the request is issued. Applications registered between 8am and 12am are those that get a faster response, with an average of between 5 and 5.6 hours. This period can reach triple in the event that the client decides to contact the company from 3 pm. These results denote a lack of commitment from brands with their customers, since management relegate their applications to the early hours of the morning.

Still, the overall satisfaction of customers is considerably high, averaging very close to 80%. With a little effort, brands could achieve excellence in this sense, one of the main factors to improve the relationship with its customers. Loudhouse indicated that 3 out of 4 customers will buy at that company which has received a great deal, even 33% of these buy more satisfied customers brands which has been properly addressed.

It is a comprehensive study, which took part 16,000 companies distributed among 125 countries, following which reflected that Canada is the country with the highest degree of satisfaction of their customers (91%), a position he also he held the previous quarter, and in which Australia has managed to match him. The effort made in recent months by Russia (90%), which ranks third and Brazil (80%), which is the fastest growing. For its part, stands at the 16th position with a satisfaction rate of 77%. Although it improved slightly from the second quarter of the year, still below the UK (87%), United States (83%), and France (78%).

As for the sectors that showed greater concern for growing satisfied customers, the telecommunications sector saw the biggest rise, getting reach a satisfaction rate of 80%, which puts it in the fourteenth position. The consulting and new technologies is occupying the place of honor (95%), along with education. It is also commendable effort made by the retail (82%).

Brands are aware of the need to be there when the customer needs them, but not yet allocated the necessary resources, leading them to maintain some presence, but not work to achieve their full satisfaction.

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