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Customs and duty: Is your supply chain compliant?

The supply chain is a vital part of the international trade process. This is becoming more of an integrated solution, which is why it’s important that every element is aware of how the whole process works. This can allow shippers and logistics providers to see exactly where delays can arise and work to minimise them. One of the areas that can cause problems is dealing with customs and duty. If your supply chain is fully compliant, the logistics process will be far smoother.

Customs and duty

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Why do you need to be compliant?

If a supply chain is not compliant, it cannot achieve the high standards that are demanded from suppliers across the globe. Compliance enables goods to be delivered on time, makes the process more efficient, reduces costs, improves revenue, and helps with inventory.

A global supply chain is a complex and costly process. There are a number of different elements involved, such as freight companies and suppliers of pallet racking in Ireland, that all need to work together. If goods have the appropriate documentation and customs clearance, it will minimise delays and enable deliveries to arrive on time.

The problems of non-compliance

Sometimes, delays will arise in the supply chain, especially as the number of elements and suppliers, such as https://www.duffydiscount.com/Pallet-Racking, increases. A 2013 Supply Chain Resilience Survey found that 75 per cent of companies had experienced one or more disruptions over the last year. However, the greater focus there is on compliance, the fewer disruptions you will experience.

Reducing shipping delays

Many countries now need shipment documents to be provided before the shipping date. If these are not provided, the shipment will be delayed.

Efficient documentation will also speed up customs clearance. Without the appropriate information, goods can be delayed and subjected to rigorous checks as they enter a country. In addition to slowing down the shipment, this can incur further costs. Fines can also be levied by the customs authority that could run into thousands of pounds.

As the supply chain becomes more complex and far-reaching, understanding how to keep it as efficient as possible will become more important. With a supply chain that is complaint with the necessary customs and duty regulations, your goods will arrive on time and at a lower cost. Without this, you will experience higher lead times and charges.


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