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7 happier jobs

Happiness is not something reserved for a privileged, in the workplace, we can all adapt our circumstances, in a job that may not be what we dreamed, in an experience that is at least bearable, and not become a torture.

We know that feeling a good job in improving our performance and self – esteem. We live in a time when more people are working for what not formed, and what might not even be their vocation. But what then are the seven works where some say they feel the happiest?

The analysis by The Guardian in the UK identifies seven other professions where workers are declared the happiest and engineers satisficers appear as the happiest professionals in developing their job the ranking, craftwork or outdoors also occupy the top positions.

JobsThe Guardian points out that the salary is not always the key to happiness. Other issues such as the environment or flexible hours are also key to achieving professional happiness.

1. Engineers

With a salary of $ 62,000 annually, engineers become the happiest professionals. 67% of them stated very happily with their profession.

Among its satisfactions, is the possibility of creating useful designs for different industries, plus the ability to work in teams and have the opportunity to try new ideas freely.

2. Teachers

Although teacher salaries down to $ 47,000 annually, 56% of respondents are very satisfied to work as a teacher.

Some professionals stand out as the motivation to see that their students advance their knowledge. Also, to work with children or youth increases their creative abilities and provides them with a more relaxed atmosphere in the workplace.

3. Nurses

Their salary is about $ 40,000 a year and among professionals, 56% have a positive opinion on it.

Nurses find their satisfaction when they can see that have a positive impact on their patients. Although the work may have a strong physical part, the happiness of the patients also increases the level of happiness of professionals.

4. Physicians

Doctors are the components of the list with a higher salary, about $ 110,000 annually.However, the major stress that is associated with this profession makes descend from the top.

The reasons for choosing the profession are related to seeking to improve the quality of life of patients. In addition, “we know many interesting people,” said a doctor in ‘The Guardian’.

5. Gardeners

This profession, with a somewhat more modest salary, about $ 28,000 rises to fifth place among the happiest. “Gardening is very liberating,” said one of the workers interviewed by the British newspaper.

Working with nature and see how they spend the seasons turns out to be a very rewarding experience for gardeners.

6. Construction workers

The construction workers, who receive a salary of about $ 42,000, is happy because, like gardeners, can work outdoors.

Although it is one of the jobs that requires more physical effort from the list, the workers say it is very rewarding to see how something comes up material ideas and plans.

7. Personal Assistant

With a salary of $ 31,000 annually, personal assistants perform tasks related to the organization and management task managers and other senior staff.

These professionals stand out as the source of their happiness close relationship with their bosses. For them, it is also essential that these managers appreciate how difficult it is their work.


Although it is a study out of Spain, we used to get an idea of the work involving human contact, or with nature are those that carry a higher degree of happiness. In the case of construction, this is not a sector that now may be the reflection of a happy professional in our country.



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