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Why use virtual services?

If you have been considering hiring a virtual assistant, it might be because you are struggling to cope with an influx of business. This is a positive thing as it’s a sign of a successful enterprise. However, an extra pair of hands can be useful. Here are some of the many benefits:


Sometimes you will experience peaks and then troughs and a virtual PA package can be scalable meaning you benefit from the help when you need it most. This often suits businesses better than hiring a permanent member of staff as a PA.

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Pay for time worked

Most permanent staff are onsite for between 7 to 8 hours a day but how productive are they in that time? If you only need help for an hour long admin task, then you can pay a virtual PA just for that time period. To find out more about working with a Remote PA, visit https://getaheadva.com/our-services/business-administration/virtual-pa-services/

Access to the best

Not many business owners have the time to dedicate to sifting through applicants to source the very best talent. Using a VA service means they do this for you and you have the advantage of being able to tap into a wealth of available talent with ease.

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Increasing productivity

With the help of a virtual assistant, you can free up time to concentrate on other important matters instead of getting bogged down in admin or marketing tasks, for example. These tasks, whilst essential, won’t help grow the business so it’s beneficial to delegate them to free up your time.


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