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What are the main priorities and objectives of online retailers?

The main aim of retailers is to increase web traffic. Interestingly, if they had unlimited time and resources, priority will focus on improving its strategy in Social Media.

This is the main conclusion contained in the report of SpinMe held in UK among major retailers in the country. Get more customers for your online store is its great setting. A goal which, however, pursues any business, although this does not imply that they should be neglected aspects as necessary as improving brand presence, or provide a satisfactory customer experience.

What are the main priorities and objectives of online retailers?The survey delves deeper into the concerns of retailers, trying to figure out their real concerns. So, if we leave aside the economic constraints, or time, these traders priorities change.

Specifically, 41% of respondents, if it were not subject to these barriers, would focus on developing an effective strategy in social networks. Second, 29% show greater concern for the customer, to improve their relationship with the brand and promote interactions.

Hard to believe that the desire to sell not allow them to see the right way to the customer. Only 12% of companies would bet offers personalized online experience, in the event that counted with unlimited resources in terms of time and money.

This position focused on attracting customers at all costs may prevent them from having a strategic vision to achieve its objective. The study emphasizes the effectiveness of social platforms based on image, to reach the customer, showcase their products and motivate them to come to the company. Such is the case of Pinterest or Instagram.

In fact, the retailers did show interested in learning techniques and tools to enhance the presentation of their products. Thus, 63% of them committed to training in this regard.

According to a previous study Trap! T, 82% of marketers agree that the visual content is the most effective way to reach the audience. The content based on images and videos also helps to stand out above the great information saturation that characterizes the online medium. Bratfon indicates that these visual elements with text combined 80% increase the willingness of users to read. A quality that also improves engagement by 47%.

Therefore, to get catch the consumer, the power of the image can be irresistible. To do this, social networks like Pinterest and Instagram can help us to increase the diffusion of our products, improve your knowledge about these and increase their desire to know more.

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