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Influencers: A key factor in the final decision to buy online

No need to be a celebrity, enough to be noticeable in a personal or professional level and have a recognized and respected opinion.

Internet, Web 2.0 and social networks have turned thousands of anonymous personalities with a great social influence citizens. These are called influencers: people with tastes and defined criteria, whose opinions are followed by hundreds of thousands of Internet users.

Influencers A key factor in the final decision to buy online“Influential have come to stay,” says Esteban Mucientes, consultant Business Development Influenzia, Hello integrated Media Group company. “It is usually treated with a consistent bloggers and true presence on social networks, they cultivate their lives to have an opinion on certain issues.” A capacity analysis that has captured the attention of consumers, who are increasingly evaluating the opinions of their peers against commercial speech marks.

“No need to be famous, be a celebrity -Indicates Mucientes- enough to be noticeable in a geographical, personal or professional field and have a recognized and respected opinion.” Prescribing a capacity of increasing concern to trademarks as the sense of their opinions, positive or negative, can change the course of a campaign.

“The decision making final consumer after a campaign of mass communication is something that Google has called” Zero Moment of Truth ‘, and is nothing to look for online reviews and information.

According Influenzia, “recruit” these influential for a campaign brings multiple benefits, “expressing a critical view of the product – indicates esteban Mucientes- that can be very useful to improve it in the future, improve corporate positioning and generate a very fruitful conversation based on a real experience with the brand. They also provide them these experiences interesting and related to their profile, visibility and a unique opportunity to meet and talk directly with the company “content.

A relationship that according Influenzia must be based on respect, “have them on campaigns that suit their interests and not force them to act, give them freedom to express themselves … only in this way the influential real value, often even above generated expectations. “

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