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B2B Lead in the quality comes from the world Off line

Despite the enormous possibilities offered by the online world when it comes to generating leads, the truth is that the vast majority of companies still rely on B2B business marketing strategies Off line. The main argument advanced is the quality of them, against those generated through the network.

The latest published studies indicate that a lead generated through actions such as; events, telemarketing campaigns, direct marketing, or agreements referrals, among others, although they are more expensive, are significantly more reliable (up to 80%) than can be achieved through online marketing campaigns, email marketing, actions promotion on social networks, SEM SEO campaigns or activities, including the wide variety of possibilities.

B2B Lead in the quality comes from the world Off lineIf we also consider that 60% of leads generated through media off line are not just becoming real business opportunities, we could determine that for every 100 leads generated through technical Off, only 40 would be valid, while if they had been generated through techniques on would have a lower number of useful leads to 10. with these data it seems that the key would be in the cost of leads generated off and on to really have a calculation base ROI with which to compare both.

The problem arises precisely compare the concept “quality”. In my opinion if a company with business B2B wants to launch a successful campaign lead generation rather than quantitative results (number of leads) must be established in those variables that are an inherent part of the “lead”, ie: Industry target partner type (key decider, prescribers …), company size, volume of business opportunity (Total Contract Value), Immediacy of lead, etc. Al After a lead is an opportunity to do business, but it is not the same as the CIO of a large account is interested in a particular solution of our portfolio to address a short-term need, an employee of a SMEs is part of the iT contact us to know the technical aspects of our solution.

I must admit that although I am a fervent supporter of all that online marketing can bring, both in terms of branding and business generation, it is precisely the Off techniques which are achieving some leads to higher quality in the environment of companies B2B, mainly for two reasons.

Direct contact is still the best way to establish lasting business relationships with our customers and secondly, the Off campaigns are able to reach higher levels than those made through the network segmentation. In addition we should not forget that there is a significant% of customer profiles that are not yet found in the world On and where even personalized email campaigns marketing fail to capture your attention.



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