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Why add plants to your office?

There are many benefits to introducing plant life into your office space. Here we take a look at some of them.

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Employee well-being

Studies show that plants can have a positive impact on employee productivity, their memory retention and their attention span. Productivity is the key driver for the success of any business, so introducing plants into your workplace should definitely be at the top of your agenda.

Office fit out companies aren’t there to simply design a better ergonomic space for your employees. Many have a range of plants that will benefit your workforce.

Healthy tips

A Norwegian study discovered that fatigue was reduced by an amazing 30 per cent when plants were found in offices, while coughs dropped by 37 per cent. Better health therefore means less time off work.

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We are all aware of outside pollution, but there is also a suggestion that pollutants can be just as hazardous indoors, including items such as furniture and cleaning products. Pollutants can build up in our offices, causing sick building syndrome and having a negative impact on the ability of your employees to do a good job.

Through photosynthesis, plants release clean oxygen, a thoroughly convincing argument why you should add plants to your indoor space.


Your brand is at the very heart of your business. Take a look at Office Fit Out company mobius at work https://mobiusatwork.co.uk/ to see how office designers can incorporate this into your workplace. Be creative with your brand, and your employees will benefit! Examples include a living logo made up of plants and greenery, many requiring minimal maintenance and no soil, water or even light.

In the eye of the beholder

Put simply, plants are nice to look at. Research shows that employees are much more satisfied with a green view rather than overlooking the office car park. Indeed, a whopping 80 per cent of us experience situations based on the visual environment we are in. Our surroundings have a real effect on our health; clutter can cause feelings of disorganisation, and we are all aware of the calmness open spaces afford.

Happy, happy, happy!

It’s not just health that plants at work can have a positive impact on; they can also increase contentment and decrease stress. We all want a happy workforce!


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