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The new consumer profile: More connected, informed, participatory and demanding

We are in the era of the consumer. A figure whose presence has been gaining in importance in decision-making and determination to enforce their rights.

In this new role by the customer, the company has been in compulsory ceding power, and focus on get close, in order to find out what their expectations for the company. All this in order to approach him and gain their trust.

For this information, ANEIMO has produced a report based on the consumer survey, developed in multiple investigations, where aspects such as consumer confidence, distribution panels and ad-hoc studies, both quantitative and qualitative contemplated.

The new consumer profile More connected, informed, participatory and demandingWith these data, the research conducted by ANEIMO, AEDEMO and ESOMAR have established the current consumer radiography; revealing its own characteristics; based on which the company has to develop its strategy, customer-focused.

Thus, we can see that the consumer is taking control, regaining its identity.This allows the balance, and give a voice against the company. Therefore, it requires communication with the company is direct, bidirectional and fluid.To be heard, he uses social networks; the first channel that allows you to be heard.

Moreover, it is a consumer multiscreen and multichannel. That is, looking hungrily information across different devices you have at your fingertips, and through which also seeks interaction, demanding the same experience, regardless of the means chosen for that. Therefore, the company must work to provide integrated across all channels, thus maintaining effective contact with your customer experience.

Also, it is a customer more informed, more experienced, and knowledgeable of their rights. Qualities that led him to be more demanding with the company, always looking for excellence, both in treatment and in the product or the relationship with the company. He is aware that it must take the lead role in company strategy, and acts accordingly.

Within the natural phase of this consumer more connected, informed, participatory and demanding we have seen the birth of the consumer co-creator. A consumer who enjoys contributing their views, ideas and comments about your needs, or valuing what already offered by the company. I enjoy feeling involved in the process of development and adaptation of products.

Definitely, consumers have gone from taxpayers, primarily receptive, to take charge of their own decisions, express themselves freely and be required depending on their interests. A new paradigm that companies must adapt if they want consumers to follow their side.


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