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Should brands respond when customers use twitter to express their complaints

For many of the active members of the media and social networks, Twitter has become one of the means through which to establish a more direct and effective follow-up on their favorite brands.

However, many of these users and consumers are using the microblogging social network not only to stay informed, but also to share their experiences with these brands, and express their complaints and opinions more critical.Because increasingly, more and more brands have joined this adventure through Twitter, expectations of consumers to interact with them has increased.

Should brands respond when customers use twitter to express their complaintsAccording to a report developed by the company Maritz Research, nearly half of consumers who have used the social network to share or to get a message with their complaints to the brands, hopes that these respond or at least read their tweets. However, only a third of consumers received the mark referred response through Twitter.

Despite the gap between consumer expectations and the response of brands, consumers are very satisfied show when brands take the time to respond effectively to your messages form.

In this regard, the report notes that 86% of users and consumers who shared or expressed their criticisms or complaints with brands through Twitter, would have loved the view of the company regarding the context of their complaints. While 75% in the case of those if they were answered, they were satisfied with the response from the company.

Many brands are responding to messages and tweets in order to maintain their online reputation and improve their relationships with customers.According to the findings of a report by Forrester Consulting, 58% of traders believe the listen and engage with consumers through digital media can help them understand the perception of customers made their mark. In addition, 56% said that strategies and efforts other through the media and social networks help build more durable and longer-term relationships.

Undoubtedly, responding to consumer complaints, though often be considered as an integrated part of the strategy of customer service can help increase the positive perception of companies and brands.


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