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Mobile consumers demand a more visual experience buying

New technologies have brought new patterns of behavior among consumers. The new digital era brings new information and communication needs. The sales strategy of a product cannot base yourself in a relationship of technical features, but the sales pitch should go beyond based on the attractive power of the image.

So WeSEE is evidenced in his study “Visual Generation” which reveals that 40% of consumers under 35 years uses his mobile within the store to photograph the product you’re buying.

Mobile consumers demand a more visual experience buyingThis new generation of buyers and online and mobile consumers, born in the visual era, employ new technological advances in their daily lives, and they want to apply this experience to the process. Among its main demands, it shows that 45% would like it to be possible to directly access the record of purchase, from a photo taken with your phone, and 32% considered very useful with the simple fact upload a photo of a product, could find products and similar suggestions.

Definitely a picture sells a thousand words. In fact, 65% of these consumers users, considered more useful to see product photos with maximum detail, in various positions and with different applications, rather than a detailed description. This is a trend that is particularly noticeable among younger generations, with greater visual culture, and greater integration of technology in their daily lives.

Consumers are shopping accompanied by their inseparable smartphone, which allows them to seek and expand information on those products that interest you and share with your friends in real time experience, thanks to social networks. Hence his desire to interact with the product based on your pictures.

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