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How to Succeed with content marketing through humor

If we get our content consumers have a good time with us, it will not be necessary to generate an especially relevant, original or novel content

Content marketing is already present in 90% of companies, and is used to generate applications for new customers, create visibility, or loyalty and link our customers with our brand. In an environment where traditional communication and the purchase of advertising impacts lose effectiveness, content marketing is presented as an indispensable tool.

How to Succeed with content marketing through humorThe generation of articles, reports, content curation, or webinars and videos, can be supported on the Internet to become low – cost actions that can allow any company. Like any strategy used massively, depending on our industry or niche in which we act, we will begin to find saturation and increasing difficulties to succeed. 

It is more important how we say what we say

with our content we want to attract potential clients, involving these for us, demonstrating our knowledge. If we are better than our competitors, we offer something different, we engage our audience more, we can get more out of our investment. 

How to deliver our content is at least as important as the content itself. The wrapper mark whether or not we succeed with our gift. It is more important how we say the things that moved the same information. In fact, if we can entertain, amuse, and make our content consumers have a good time with us, you may not have to be especially good at generating relevant, original or innovative content. If we do both things and we are the kings of mambo.

A small section on information and knowledge. It is now at our disposal more information than ever. Knowledge is another matter; It requires an ability to draw conclusions from the information. According to the RAE, know is “figure out the exercise of intellectual faculties nature, qualities and relations of things”. In fact, really, what we moved our partners are messages created from the information we have. If we are experts in a subject, these messages carefully constructed, will try to transfer the knowledge extracted information, demonstrating our market our competencies. Thus, content marketing we are in a different to what can be a newspaper, which mainly sells information, measured in quantity and inversely with the probability of occurrence of cash made environment.

5 Tools RISA

At our disposal we have different tools to engage our potential customers with our content. Today we are going to focus on how the move, and in particular we are going to fix the tools of humor. Let’s look for analogies in things that amuse us and make us laugh, to try to apply the findings to the generation of our content. Moreover we will help three great humorists, but very different in their way to make humor: Leo Harlem, Gila and Eugenio. 

Trying to be a little more scientific than what could be no more, what things look on the Internet amuse us, make us laugh; this is the most recurrent:

  • The surprise
  • Uniqueness, an unusual event
  • The paradox, the incongruous, the unexpected
  • The absurdity
  • The semantic ambiguity, especially when the double meaning is expressed with a word to the end of the sentence

What makes us grace also deeply dependent on our culture and our personal character. So there are people who get them more direct, simple humor, and others who prefer a more humor based on ambivalence and absurdity. I have lived five years in Germany. I remember that at first, when everyone laughed at the table except me, thought he had not understood what they were saying; but after five years, with advanced language skills, sometimes I was being checked. In any case, my favorite joke is a German humorist. I personally love the surreal humor, the radically absurd. 

If we analyze our three comedians today, we could say that Leo Harlem is a master seek complicity with the audience, squeezing the most cultural aspects; I doubt translated into English or German had a lot of grace. I think also sports its verbiage and language use, including corporal.

Gila was an expert in storytelling, and make them absurd, in which everyday actions put in an alien context become surprising. Also he found complicity with the viewer.

Eugenio was the genius of the surealista and telling jokes with surprising endings. His mods operand was already surrealist itself. 

Gila Was the best of the three? 

We can use these tools to develop our content, adding a fun and placing them is a little salt. If we get entree, sure that every time we have a greater number of potential customers interested in our brand and products. 

“Humor is only possible if one is able to develop some level of abstract thinking. It could be defined as a kind of intellectual pleasure” Tristan Bekinschtein. 

What do you think? What tools of humor you prefer to use your content marketing? How do you work to create “intellectual pleasure” in your readers?


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