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Getting the engagement with the client is more than just receiving a Like

Social networks are the ideal place to connect with customers, to promote closer and initiate a relationship in the first channel. Instead, to consolidate a relationship with them you need more than just promote interactions. You need to take this relationship to the next level, get your preferential treatment, and that is achieved encouraging them to actively participate and to become integrated part of your community.

Getting the engagement with the client is more than just receiving a LikeIt is not enough a likes, or RT, but what really matters is to bring to share content, make comment and to recommend the brand in their environment. This is achieved through hard work and a real vocation of service:

50% of customers demand a useful answer to their problems. They want the company to demonstrate that it is actually there to listen to them and serve them properly.

Every effort has its reward, 48% of customers proclaim the benefits of a company that has procured him a satisfying experience. 47% enjoys sharing these experiences beyond their immediate environment.

An activity that has a positive effect on the brand image. 70% of customers trust recommendations from family and friends, while 43% extends this circle of trust to comments that provide search engines.

But not always the environment surrounding the mark is positive. 46% of customers share their negative experiences. A fact to be able to live together businesses, and be able to counter. A negative review is always an opportunity to improve. In addition, customers are not spiteful, and is benevolent to the brands that properly address their requests. 97% of the problems can be solved customers, thanks to an effective intervention in a timely manner. This action can pay off with a positive balance to the brand.About half of the customers finally just speaking well of those companies that properly attended.

The importance of getting the favor of customers

To encourage loyalty and create a positive attitude towards the brand, you need to make them feel involved, and freedom to act. Hence the need for the brand is interested in their needs and opinions, asking them directly and creating opportunities for customers to express themselves freely.

Another important factor is the necessary channels to enable customers to directly contact the company. Either through social networks, a contact form, online chat or a phone number. clearly show these roads it conveys confidence and encourages interaction.

Something as simple as track mail via the degree of customer satisfaction, after hiring a service or sending a satisfaction survey. Both actions can provide very useful to know the effectiveness of the service and identify possible deficiencies, and contribute to improving the brand image information.

Create loyalty actions motivates get influencers and brand advocates.Customers are waiting reason to trust brands, positively react to all kinds of stimuli and advantages. Hence the success of community participation mark.

There are definitely many channels to reach customers and get closer the link, everything depends on the firm commitment by manufacturers to take advantage of their advantage.


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