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Discount coupons and deals: The infallible hook brands to attract consumers

Make no mistake, although usually much debate about trust, quality and good customer service, even on the content to captivate consumers, users begin to follow a brand attracted by their offers. This is the main hook that motivates customers to join a community, give “Like” on a corporate fanpage or downloaded a mobile application. In the case of social content is the same.

Several studies support this theory almost obvious. 75% of consumers say that the main incentive that leads you join loyalty programs of a brand are the discounts or the possibility of obtaining free samples. However, though customers come to the brand attracted by the discounts, when loyalty or consolidate more lasting relationships, service quality prevails.
Discount coupons and deals The infallible hook brands to attract consumersAnalytic Partners study shows that promotions, coupons or offers posted on Facebook recorded up to 67% more clicks than other resources; while in the case of contests or sweepstakes this percentage drops (41%) slightly.However, if we focus on other content, such as videos, get moving only a quarter of the fans and followers, although most successful among men (34%) than women (19%).

As for the audiovisual content should also add that 83% of those surveyed by Analytic Partners is against the latest Facebook advertising novelty, consisting autoplay videos on your time line.

Interestingly, not being the first, the study calls into question the effectiveness of advertising on this network, when it comes to advertising, promotion or branding campaigns that users do not follow. 60% of respondents prefer proposals brands that follow or with whom you have a link (60%) rather than sponsored stories (27%) or ads that are not related to their tastes and preferences (13% ). 47% of them rarely interacts with these types of impacts that are displayed on their profile. Moreover, half of them is well aware of when you are receiving based on retargeting advertising.

Also it should be noted that consumers do not always react as expected to the online ads. The click is not necessarily the only indicator that our campaign works. Choice Stream study shows that, of those customers who found an ad that interested them, only 44% clicked on it. The rest chose to perform other actions, such as seeking more information about the product, or go directly to the advertiser’s page.

Once again it shows that users only accept advertising if it is really targeted to your interests. To offer personalized and useful, just message when the customer needs it to fall into the intrusiveness there is a thin red line that should not be exceeded.


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