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Conquering the mobile consumer, the big challenge for companies and brands

Mobile already has become our inseparable companion. This intelligent device accompanies us throughout the day and even present at the time of going to bed. It is the first thing we see upon awakening, and who we finally said goodbye to bed.

This activity has revolutionized the way we communicate and our social behavior. Hence the interest in analyzing how it affects our daily lives and the consequences of that impact. To this end we collect the findings in The Ultimate Guide to the Next Big Wave in Mobile studio: The Home Screen:

Mobile users feel a terrible fear of missing something. The so-called FOMS (fear of missing out), causing anxiety lose the opportunity to interact, to follow the conversation and not lose detail of social activity. A fear that has its maximum expression in the nomofobia, that irrational to leave home without fear mobile phone.

Conquering the mobile consumer, the big challenge for companies and brandsMobile devices are the main resource that users flock in their downtime. It goes through the usual bus stop and all the passengers are focused on their smart screen, oblivious to what happens around them. Something similar happens in line at the supermarket, or while traveling by subway. These terminals are ideal to take those measures of expected daily we are.

The home screen of your smartphone is to which we devote more time.Nielsen Mobile report indicates that mobile users spend up to 26% of the time spent on this device from the home screen; much more than with any application.

Those more experienced users are the ones who make greater use of its intelligent terminals. 80% of owners who more than 4 years ago using smartphone resort to this device up to 30 times more per day than those with half years of mobile experience. In addition, those who spend more than 30 minutes to update your social profiles through the smartphone spend a fifth of their time to the mobile home screen.

Users check their smartphone more than 100 times a day. The studies provide different figures, but all conclude in highlighting the high frequency with which people resort to these devices.

Users are unable to remain impassive to the mobile alerts. In fact, they have set various alerts, in order to identify when notifications and react instantly. 88% immediately consult your smartphone when you receive a message, a percentage slightly lower than in those who respond to telephone calls (92%). Below are listed the e-mail messages, apps and social notifications.

Mobile users feel the urgent need to be permanently connected, leading them to continually check notifications. Thus, 51% of respondents admit that the first thing to catch your mobile checks are notifications, while 34% jump directly after your smartphone as getting any of these notices. An activity that is evidenced more in the case of women (57% vs 44%).

Therefore, the conquest of the mobile space is a big challenge for brands.The power to break into the home screen, enables occupy a special place in the minds of consumers.


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