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When enough is too much: 3 beauty excesses to avoid

They say less is more, and that maxim is particularly true when it comes to makeup. We all know the horrors of foundation that looks like it has been applied with a trowel, not to mention those awful sticky layers of gloopy, clumping mascara and clown-like eye shadow. If you want to avoid such beauty mishaps, read on for three beauty excesses you should steer clear of if you want to look your best.

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Too much foundation

Putting on foundation too thickly is a common beauty mistake. To avoid this, ask yourself if you even need foundation; BB creams and tinted moisturizers can be very effective and lightweight. If you do want foundation, apply a thin layer first and make sure you blend it in well. You can then add another layer if necessary or simply dust with some loose powder to set.

Overdone eyes

Strong eye makeup can look stunning if artfully applied; on the other hand, it can also give you the dreaded “panda eyes” or make you look as if you are trying to reinvent yourself as Morticia Adams. To ensure clump-free eyelashes when you are using mascara, wiggle your wand in circular motions from the roots of your lashes to the tips, and then apply a second coat while the first one is still moist. If you want to pair your thick dark lashes with a bold-coloured eyeshadow, just apply a thin layer of the bold colour along the upper lash line instead of coating your whole eye.

Overly bold blusher

If you don’t want to look like you’re auditioning for the circus, make sure you gently wipe your blusher brush on a tissue after applying it to the product; this removes any excess and help the blush go onto your skin much more smoothly. Be sure to apply it carefully, building up layers, because it is easier to add than it is to take away.

A great way to avoid such beauty excesses is by getting your makeup done for you. There are a number of places that do semi permanent makeup in London, such as http://www.jemma-upton.co.uk/treatments/.

Getting semi permanent makeup is a simple, convenient and straightforward way to avoid beauty faux pas and it also gives you the gift of extra time in the morning!


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