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Liposuction – five myths

Liposuction – and now Vaser liposuction ‒ has been around for some time and over the years plenty of stories have been concocted about the procedure. Many of these are completely untrue and a prime example of why you can’t believe everything you hear. Here are the top five myths debunked:

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Liposuction is just for women

Not true! Although the majority of individuals undergoing the procedure are women, liposuction is becoming more popular among men; in fact, research suggests that over the last five years liposuction procedures carried out on men has risen by 43%. With the addition of some of the newer techniques men are taking full advantage to achieve a more sculpted appearance.

If you are obese, liposuction is the quick fix

Unfortunately not. Liposuction and Vaser lipo actually work much better on those individuals who have reached, or are within 30% of reaching, their target weight. Surgeons recommend an alternative weight loss solution for those with lots of weight to lose, such as a gastric band; however, liposuction works brilliantly for those looking to remove those smaller but stubborn pockets of fat that fail to respond to diet and exercise.

Liposuction and Vaser liposuction are expensive

Again, not always true. Prices have fallen significantly since the procedures were first developed. If you are looking for someone to perform the procedure, however, it is important not to focus solely on price when selecting a clinic. It is important to find an experienced surgeon, such as those at http://www.wimpoleaesthetics.co.uk, and also look at what former patients have to say about the surgeon and the procedure you want to have done.

Have liposuction and you won’t need to diet or exercise

No; in fact, most responsible cosmetic surgeons will not perform the procedure unless the patient can prove they already follow a sensible diet and exercise programme. Having a healthy lifestyle is essential for continued wellbeing and no amount of surgery can override this factor. The procedure will also be far more effective if the patient has good muscle tone to enhance their shape once the fat is removed.

The most popular cosmetic surgery procedure is liposuction

Actually this one is true. Advances in the way the procedure is carried out, lower costs and reduced recovery times have made liposuction and Vaser lipo incredibly popular.


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