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ICL lenses to improve your eye health

Improve your eye health is no longer mission impossible. We have had the opportunity to attend the presentation of innovative ICL lenses. Do you urge to know them a little closer?

You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is grope your nightstand to find your glasses. If this sounds, it is likely that your story resembles mine: if you see nothing when you shower, if you get marks when you fall asleep with them on … and if you wear contact lenses, better not to talk. It is already a routine, but you’re mentally counting the hours that have passed since the put you. Not only that, suddenly partying is an ordeal because you have to always have a pair in your bag. And no falling asleep on the bus with them on.

Did you go ringing all this? Although initially not bother you, over the years, it becomes very heavy. And then the option of doing surgery becomes more and more viable. Resonates in your head a word “laser”. But what few people know is that it is not the only option to have a perfect view. And some new words come into our heads: the ICL lenses.

ICL lenses to improve your eye healthWhat are the ICL lenses?

Thus, STAAR Surgical arranged a meeting in petit committee, to speak of these lenses ICL. Poyales was Dr. Francisco who was in charge of solving all our doubts, reassure, and leave out of the conversation all these technical words that only make the fear increases.

Overall, the ICL lenses are implants that are inserted into the eye. More or less, and to give us an idea, it is like having the lenses, but in our eyes. That said, it seems to be something scary. But there already was the doctor to make us see that is not so, “the ICL are pretty child eye surgery, because there ‘s a 100% satisfaction by the patient.”

Still, alarms continue, because the questions we crammed into his head. But for each of these issues that plagued us, there was a clear and reassuring answer: Is a new technique? Not at all, there are patients who wear these lenses for more than a decade. What materials are made these lenses? Of a material that is technologically advanced and called collamer. And there has been no case in which the patient ‘s body has rejected these lenses, so they are fully compatible with our body.

So if this surgery has been doing for a while, why so far we have not heard of it? Because the laser is also a good option to consider. Do not think that the two options are opposed; What’s more, there are patients who have combined these two techniques to correct your vision at all.

One of the questions we all ask is what makes it different from the ICL lenses laser technology. Well really, the ICL have several advantages. First of all, it is that the quality of vision is greater than you can make the laser. But one of the reasons that more convince patients is that it is a reversible surgery. This means that if in a few years, we have increased diopters, can remove your implants that you wear, and change the lenses for other higher ranking. This generates a lot of confidence and security.

Another difference from the laser is that it preserves your cornea for the future, if you develop some other eye problems, such as cataracts. And above all, it is suitable for people who have high rankings, reaching correct problems up to 18 diopters. And you can submit it to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Lenses ICL eye surgery

So far, everything seems nice, of course. But still, there are still other things that haunt us in the head. And it can be summed up with the word “surgery”. Because when we think of eye surgery, it is inevitable that we will come to mind the mythical scene of Clockwork Orange . It is something that gives us enough respect, and we think it can be one of the most uncomfortable experiences in the world.

As we are assured that nothing is so. It is done under local anesthesia and leaves no mark. And how long? For less than ten minutes per eye. Nothing doing surgery, you have a good vision, which will improve as the hours pass. And the best thing you can do normal life the next day.

Of course, to submit to this type of surgery, you must check whether you are a good candidate, and if your eyes have the necessary space to place the implant.

This step is the most important because you must find a surgeon quality, experienced, and where you can trust.

The experiences of patients who have gone through this end to reassure us : not you learn anything during the process, and eventually end up forgetting they ever were myopic. The only thing you have left are the glasses (which gives you penalty throw) and look for mania in the morning on your nightstand. Because otherwise, you’re a new person, who literally sees the world differently.

Do you? Have you tried the ICL lenses? Have you improved your eye health? How was your experience?


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