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How to exfoliate your hair

Want to bring more light and strength to your hair, as if the imprint of the age had disappeared? Take a look on the solutions to learn how to exfoliate the hair we suggest below.

As is the case with the rest of the body, the skin of the scalp is constantly renewed and is subject to dirt and environmental pollutants. Exfoliation can help oxygenate and make it look much healthier and vital.

However, when implementing such action, we must remember that the skin of the scalp is especially sensitive, as well as presenting another set of peculiarities to consider. For example, it is more aimed at the formation of colonies of fungi and bacteria that can irritate the scalp and cause dandruff concentration. Similarly, we can highlight a greater presence of sebaceous glands, which means that in the case of extreme dryness that can stimulate the production generates fat.

How to exfoliate your hairIf we stick to the study by Health & Beauty, we realize that the scalps fatty affect 19, 1% of men and 20, 9% of women, plus you can collect moisture and debris due to excess sebum.

The exfoliation can help renew cells and undertake an intense cleaning of the surface of the scalp in order to prevent the accumulation of fat and dandruff. However, when carrying out these practices, you have to consult your dermatologist, as we guide you on the products that we can use.

Remedies to exfoliate your hair

Among the remedies that we propose to exfoliate your hair, we can highlight a solution made of honey and aromatic oils. For its preparation, the first thing you have to do is mix half a teaspoon of conditioner, a tablespoon and a half of natural oil such as jojoba, chamomile or lavender and other honey (a natural moisturizer, perfect skin and hair).

Then add a spoonful of sugar to this mixture to form a thick paste. Before applying this preparation, keep your hair wet few seconds. Once you’ve waited prducencial time, you can apply in a circular motion massaging the product and getting to the root. Then let it act for a few seconds for your conditioning. Finally, eliminates cold water scrub.

Another homemade exfoliating scrub is to combine two tablespoons of brown sugar, two of oats, two conditioner and 15 other drops of natural jojoba oil or tea tree in a bowl. We mixed all the ingredients well. Before using this scrub home, you should wash your hair with a normal shampoo

One of the products we can find on the market, new and recommended, is the new anti – aging shampoo Toppik 3 first capillary cosmetic exfoliate and condition our hair, adding volume and density. Although, can provide brightness and density to finer hair, this product can be used for all hair types. The presence of ingredients such as camu camu, help us to reduce scalp irritation.

Moreover, being rich in antioxidants, it will help us fight the presence of free radicals. Furthermore, since Keratin strengthens and prevents breakage, and contain red palm oil to promote cell regeneration thanks to carotenes, perfect for the immune system.

What other exfoliants home you propose to bring light to your hair?




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