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10 tips to look younger

The dress pants should fit, not too wide nor too tight.  The baggy dress pants that make you bags will add more volume to your figure and make you look older. Use dress pants that fit perfectly to your body, to be carved but not tight. The straight cut is ideal, provided they are not as wide boots.

Use skirts just above the knee. The skirts below the knees or up to your calves will make you look older automatically. Always prefer long skirts about four inches above the knee and to fit your body, do not have to squeeze, but neither must swimming.

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Blazers can be good allies. Prefer those without pads and perfectly fit your body that is not too long can reach the middle of your hips or waist. Looking for those whose are modern cuts, other than straight totally, but have clamps on the back area that provide some curvature in the waist area. It prefers a single button instead of the classic 3 button.

Use dresses structured cuts. Use dresses entailed well your figure, may be in intense colors or prints to go with your skin tone and your body frame. Avoid very wide dresses with lots of fabric or those details type balloon sleeves.

Always choose jeans that fit your body. Forget the type jeans 80s, will make you look older.  Always prefers straight cut, dark color, medium shot, a little below the waist and will remain carved, not tight or too wide.

Accessories are great allies to make you look younger. A colorful necklace, bracelet or a fun big and flashy ring, a belt in an intense color, a maxi glass will add a modern touch to your outfit.

Casual scarves and scarves also make you look younger because they will give freshness to your outfit. Use them with fun prints and bold colors.

To look more modern, you can wear clothing with the colors of the season. The colors give vitality to your look and your garments combining basic with others in the colors of the season, always bearing in mind that these flatter your skin tone.

Type sweaters cardigans in bold colors you will subtract many years. Make sure you stay waisted, loose clothing because you added years.

Thin belts are also good allies when it comes to making you look younger because they define your waist a little and give it a youthful touch to any outfit.

Finally do not forget to maintain a youthful outlook on life. If you keep a young spirit, you do fun things and that will be noted in your day to day. Do not subtract importance to your attitude.


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