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VW Knocked Off Global Car Sales Top Spot by Toyota

Toyota has regained its crown as the world’s best-selling auto-maker, pushing VW into second place while US firm GM remains a close third. And while there are still newer models as well as VW Campers for sale, the German manufacturer remains on the back foot following the emissions scandal.

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Toyota’s sales lead is admittedly small at the moment, with the firm selling 7.49 million cars so far in 2015. With 7.43 million sales under its belt, VW is not too far behind when you consider the scale of the numbers involved.

In fact, Toyota is not performing quite as well as it did in 2014, with sales reduced by 1.5 per cent. But it is gearing up to leverage its new-found position of strength while exploiting the problems which its chief rival is facing to its advantage.

Expanding Plans

Toyota has not only got a number of new models in the pipeline, including fresh generations of the Prius hybrid and the Land Cruiser off-roader, but has also decided to expand its workforce significantly so that production can be accelerated and customer demand met.

Meanwhile, GM may look to slip back into second place in the final months of 2015, while VW attempts to deal with the recall involving at least 11 million vehicles internationally.

Global Issues

It is worth noting that while VW is currently under scrutiny because of the emissions testing scandal, Toyota is also having to roll out a recall of cars, with 6.5 million vehicles suffering from a faulty switch which can be a fire hazard. So no major manufacturer is currently free from criticism, and in fact Toyota has been far more prolific with its recent recall practices than any of its contemporaries.

So customers who are more interested in VW Campervans for sale should not be dissuaded from making an investment just because this manufacturer is currently caught up in a heavily publicised scandal. In fact, with prices for used vehicles from this firm taking a hit, now is the ideal time to buy if you are seeking a bargain.

The next few months will likely be tumultuous for VW, and analysts expect Toyota to maintain its sales lead in 2015, but in the long term there is undoubtedly room for recovery.


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