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New car unveiled for F1 2018 season – Haas VF-18

The US Formula One team Haas was the first outfit to unveil its new car for the 2018 season.

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After new regulations were introduced last year designed to improve the sport, the cars are expected to be significantly faster than last season. With new tyre regulations coming in, along with aerodynamic changes, the cars are expected to be significantly wider too.

Digital images show that the new Haas car has retained its original colours from last year, but dark grey dominates the new livery, which also has tones of red and white.

Eighth Place

The team said that everything they had learnt from their first car has been brought to the new design alongside the necessary changes. The team hope that their new VF-18 will help their drivers close the gap on the leading contenders after Haas finished eighth last season.

Team insiders said they were aiming for more consistency from the car. They will aim to build on their best performance of last season at Monaco, where both cars finished in the top ten, prompting driver Romain Grosjean to claim this represented a milestone for the team.

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Haas continue this season with the Ferrari latest-specification engines and Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen in the newly designed cockpits, which now incorporate the halo safety device. Other changes include the disappearance of the large vertical fin on the engine cover and the T-wing. The new design includes new aerodynamic winglets around the sidepod area.

The total minimum weight of the car has increased because of the halo device, and there is a higher centre of gravity because of the positioning of the halo, but every team will face the same challenges.

Although the team garnered a respectable number of points last season, finishing eighth, they will hope for more top-ten finishes this year, and fans anticipate a tight battle in midfield with Force India, Williams, Renault and possibly McLaren

With the season beginning in Australia on 23-25 March, two four-day pre-season tests will take place at the end of February and the beginning of March at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, the traditional pre-season location for most teams.


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