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Classic motorcycle brands

Some time ago we wrote a post about the classic motorcycle brands, but because of the amount thereof is necessary to write this second and bring you more signatures. In that first time we focus on Guzzi, MV Agusta and Bultaco and now, changing countries, we will focus on England and France.

Classic motorcycle brandsWhat are the major brands of classic motorcycles in England and France?

1) Peugeot is a French factory that was created in the nineteenth century, specifically in 1899, and although purists may blame us that today are not a much concocted brand in the world of motorcycles, only by tradition the European continent deserves a mention. In 1905 and a motorcycle manufactured in series with engines of two or four times and reached a very high speed at the time of 140 km / h. Peugeot is a brand that since almost its inception, has specialized in the scooter and has dominated the European market since.

2) Barr & Stroud really is not a motorcycle factory but a precision machine industry. In 1913 William Archibald Barr and Stroud founded his company and started making periscopes and rangefinders. By 1920, when demand for optical products decreased, Barr & Stroud began manufacturing motorcycle engines for the best English brands like Beardmore Precision or Brough Superior.

An engine equipped company in 1923 one of the first scooter known in England, the moto scooter. During the 20s and 30s had its most glorious time coming to the end of World War II although the crisis in the motorcycling sector fifties began much limit their production of engines and returned to the chemical precision engineering applied to products military.

3) Triumph, perhaps the classic motorcycle brand best known English, was founded in Coventry in 1887 but not built his first bike until 1902. After a crisis of results in the company, in 1933 three large brains (Val came together Page, Edward Turner and Ben Hopwood) to build the Speed Twin, the first legendary motorcycle brand and ancestress of current and architectonics Bonneville, Daytona or Trophy.

The Trophy 500cc was designed and managed to break several records in endurance races such as the Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man. It was during the fifties when Triumph became better known and “famous” when in 1956 John Allen broke the record of speed on a motorcycle on the Bonneville salt lake with a prototype those years later all know as the Triumph Bonneville.

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