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The steps to create an App succeed

Create a mobile app that success is not an easy task. There is no point the application to have the best design and user experience of the world if a time the market spears not you promote the right way. To make sure your app has a good return on investment, it is important to invest in a strategy of mobile marketing well – designed to help you get hundreds or even thousands of downloads.

Here is how to start:

1. Know your audience

If you have not properly identified your target audience, you will never reach the purpose of sales that you had marked. First, you must find out what kind of audience you may be interested in your application to then be able to design specifically for them. Here are some factors you should consider:

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Profession
  • Study level

Create an App2. Do not ignore keywords

At least 63% of users are looking for applications organically in the Apps Stores, but a whopping 83% of all applications are completely invisible to this type of search. These statistics highlight the importance of investigating and optimizing the keywords before launching the app market. If you want your app is not completely hidden, optimizes keywords, choose your name wisely, cares for the text of the description and locate your app in the appropriate category.

3. Create a presence online

A good way to promote your app and make it known is creating a landing page exclusive in which you star your benefits, you offer valuable information and you include download links and QR codes that redirect visitors to the app store.

Once you have, your page created is the time to distribute it. Contact press and bloggers in the sector to make a review of your app on their websites, thus will attract more organic traffic to your application and rise in the rankings of search engine.

If you have enough advertising budget ask yourself the ability to create eye – catching banners with CTA to promote your app on the websites that frequents your target audience as well as campaigns of email marketing.

Once you’ve already launched your app continues to share the latest updates on your social networks to capture the attention of new users.

4. Consider making a promotional video

Create a video is a good idea to show what you can do your application for your potential customers because it provides a real insight into the user experience. It is best to be a short promotional video, teaser style, to make a tour of all the features of the application, but yes, must be of high quality. This type of short and concise videos work very well on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

It is likely that your video non-viral night is done in the morning, but will help you get a few extra downloads and increase consumer confidence in your product.

5. Program launch

Program on the launch of the App market on your calendar to start advertising time and go before catching prospects. Now that you already have a promotional video is the perfect time to create a social media campaign and also offer special deals for first customers to download it. This way you will generate interest among the public before its release and get the first customers much sooner than usual.

6. Listen to your customers

When you cast the first version of your application, it is important to take seriously the feedback from your customers. They will give you the keys to find out what features of your app are the best valued and what should be improved. Always possible to answer all comments and keep an open communication channel to improve the skills of your application. The user reviews are considered by the algorithms rank an applications, so the more positive reviews has an App, above will appear in search results.



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