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The history and future of diesel and petrol

We as a society have become incredibly dependent on the vehicles that we use to get around. Whether this is for daily trips to work, shopping or perhaps visiting friends and loved ones, it is hard to think about how we would go about our daily lives if we did not have access to vehicles and the fuel to run them. This may become a reality and governments look to move away from crude products such as petrol and oil, which will inevitably lead to the need for Tank decommissioning from companies such as http://www.ashremediation.co.uk/tank-decommissioning, and the use of alternative fuels instead.

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But just how did we go about creating petrol and diesel in the first place?

Both of these products are created from crude oil which is found deep within the earth. It is taken through a refining process to be turned into the fuel sources that we use. The crude oil originates from over 150 million years ago!

Sea creatures that died would sink to the seabed where they would over time become covered with silt and more and more debris would pile on top of it. This then creates a heat trap which can cause the temperatures of the area in which you find the remains of the creatures to 60 to 120 degrees celsius. This causes all of the detritus and debris to turn into the black liquid that we know as oil.

It wasn’t until 1858 when the first combustion engine was developed that petrol and diesel were first used as fuel sources. Essentially the way in which these two products are used in vehicles is as a fuel source to burn which then as a result of chemical reactions produces a kinetic force. In a car the pressure and heat that is created by the ignition of the fuel then creates the movement of the mechanisms that allow our vehicles to move. As a result of the chemical energy that is created during this process waste products are created that are then extracted from the engine and removed from the car via the exhaust.

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Due to the fossils fuels and oil levels reducing dramatically new options have been researched for many years and governments are making a move towards electricity as a fuel source for vehicles. Electricity would once have been seen as a dirty fuel but with the use of wind, wave and solar power this is now not always the case.

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