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Awe-Inspiring Regions of France

If you have a longstanding dream of emigrating to France then chances are you’ve already visited some of the nation’s more beautiful regions. If you’re...

The most polluted cities in the world

Unfortunately, some cities are known worldwide for their high levels of pollution, which makes totally inadvisable to travel to this parts of the world. The high environmental pollution causes serious health...

Cities to travel by tram

Almost nobody likes to take the bus to get around the city. Uncomfortable, enemy of the environment and often crowded. However, few cities offer a more attractive...

Where to practice adventure tourism in Spain?

The adventure tourism has grown significantly in recent years in Spain. Encompasses a multitude of sports and recreational activities both in the land, water and air environment.A curious fact should...

Routes in the Picos de Europa

The mountain lovers and hiking have in northern Spain a lung formed by impressive peaks, the Picos de Europa. The preferred area of mountaineers or...


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